Would you like to create deep and long lasting change in your dog?
Do you desire a dog that is happy, calm and balanced...a dog who is sociable, obedient and a true friend?
Have you ever wanted to tap into the secrets of top dog trainers like Cesar Millan and Victoria Stilwell?
The good news is that you can do ALL this, and more!
Alpha Dog Training is a unique system that combines together advanced dog psychology with the power of the technology of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming or NLP. By using these two methods Alpha Dog Training can assist you to:

  • Learn to recognise and understand the messages your dog sends which allows you to predict his/her behaviour before a problem develops.
  • Develop the skill to deal with and transform an aggressive dog into a dog that plays and has fun.
  • Build the two vital qualities that ensure that your dog is a calm and balanced canine ready to follow your guidance and directions.
  • Know the difference between true aggression and a simple "dog message".
  • Lower anxiety and work with separation anxiety.
  • Control and eliminate excess barking and over excitement.

And much more!
So how does Alpha Dog Training do this?...

My name is Simon Boyd and I am the creator of Alpha Dog Training. I also have a long history of helping people change through my training in NLP. Developed in the 1970's NLP is a way to capture the skills and talents of others and learn how to apply them to you. NLP allows us to quickly and easily master skills that others have taken years to learn...

Sounds great...but how much does it cost and how many sessions will I need?

Where possible, I like to do the job in a single session. However this is not always possible and some problems need 2-3 sessions. It is unusual that more than 3 sessions would be needed.

Unlike other dog trainers who charge hundreds of pounds for their work I like to keep my services sensibly priced and affordable.

The first session of Alpha Dog Training lasts 2-3 hours and costs £90.00. This charge is fully inclusive of travelling.
Follow up sessions last about 1 hour and cost £60.00. Again this fee is fully inclusive.

I am both a fully qualified and trained NLP practitioner as well as holding a Certificate of Advanced Canine Communication through Jan Fennell.

I visit homes in a 40 mile radius around Brighton, from Worthing in the west, to Crawley in the north and Eastbourne in the east.

To find out how Alpha Dog Training can help you please call me on 07961 632269 for a friendly and informal chat.
If I am not available leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or you can email me, Simon, using :